Mitt Romney the Engineer

To point out the drawbacks of using wind energy, Mitt Romney couldn’t help but notice that ‘You can’t drive a car with a windmill on it.’ That’s a very true, common-sense observation, and you can see his Harvard education put to good use there. The suggestion here is that, if here were an engineer, that’s how he would have designed an electric car powered by windmill-generated electricity.

So how would Mitt Romney the Engineer have designed the gasoline-powered car? He would presumably attach an oil drill to the car. Driving far from oil wells would be awkward because you’d need very long hoses to keep the car connected to the oil well. The rear seat would be all taken up by the mini-refinery you’d have to carry with you in order to convert crude from the well into gas. And at the end of each trip you’d be stuck with a lot of oil by-products.

Other things you can’t drive a car with: refrigerators, king-size beds, fully-assembled pinball machines, adult rhinos, space shuttles, Stonehenge blocks, other cars, Airbus 380’s, Airbus 330’s, Airbus 320’s, Airbus 319’s, and certain oversized kitchen sinks.

Can you think of other large objects you can’t have on top of your car while you drive?

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